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Drug Help in Bel Air MD: A Journey to Recovery

Drug Help in Harford County

Battling addiction is one of the worst challenges that you or a loved one can face. The entire journey often feels like an uphill battle and doing it alone can make recovery near impossible. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, it is time to seek drug help in Bel Air MD. Most addicts relapse several times before successfully entering recovery, reduce your chances of becoming a statistic by seeking out help from a trained addiction professional.

Signs You Need Drug Help in Bel Air MD

There are many signs that you or a loved one may be in need of drug help in Bel Air MD. Overindulging or binging alcohol or drugs frequently is an obvious sign, but there are others. Most of the more prominent signs include relationship, financial, or relationship problems that stem from substance abuse. Withdrawing from social activities, family, or other previously enjoyed hobbies is another sign that something may be wrong along with secretive behavior. Poor decision-making, behavioral changes, and poor hygiene are a few more.

Benefits of Getting Help from the Bergand Group

If you need drug help in Bel Air MD, The Bergand Group should be one of the first centers you explore as a viable option. The Bergand Group offers comprehensive in-patient and out-patient treatment options designed to meet the needs of individuals. We recognize that mental health care is an integral part of treating addictive disorders and offer support on a customizable basis to anyone fighting substance or alcohol addiction.

Dangers of Opting for Non-Science Based Treatment

Not all treatment centers are the same. Some rely on shaming the addict and others ignore the science of addiction. Unless you explore the deep-rooted causes of addiction and current behavior there is a good chance that a relapse will occur. More importantly, your mental health and physical health may suffer without proper medical assistance and guidance during the detoxing process.

Change Your Behavior, Change Your Addiction

One of the number one reasons that relapses occur is because drugs and alcohol alter brain chemistry over time. Not only does the brain re-prioritize drugs over survival, but it changes a person’s character and behavior. In order to address the situation, the person has to take a look at their entire life and change their behavior, environment, social contacts, and mindset. This is the only way to successfully enter and stay in the recovery stage and why drug help in Bel Air MD is so important. At the Bergand Group, we take a multi-faceted approach to drug addiction and recovery. Contact us today for more information.

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