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Dr. John Steinberg - The Bergand Group

Dr. John Steinberg

Dr. John Steinberg and Dr. Paul Giannandrea have created a true Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Disorder treatment program in The Bergand Group. The Bergand Group was formed by two complimentary doctors to provide a setting in which patients can be treated and in which clinicians can work that embodies the core principles Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Giannandrea have held to in over 25 years of practice. As a past president of the Maryland ASAM chapter and the physician who developed the first addiction medicine programs at GBMC in 1986, Dr. Steinberg has extensive experience in the addictions field. As a former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Giannandrea developed a comprehensive system of care through the Practice Association, that included the Employee and Professional Assistance Programs, VA Drug Dependency Program, UMMC outpatient clinics, and Pathways Treatment Center, that treated a diverse population with both psychiatric and addiction illnesses. Dr. Giannandrea has extensive experience in both the addictions and psychiatric fields.

Dr. Giannandrea - The Bergand Group

Dr. Giannandrea

Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Giannandrea have recruited clinicians to join them at The Bergand Group who both share in their principles and have extensive experience. By providing a comfortable environment in which clinicians can practice, clients are assured a comforting environment in which to be treated. Our clinicians are leaders in their respective fields.

As the treatment of mental health and addiction disorders requires addressing each patient’s individual needs, the ability to individualize that treatment is essential. The Bergand Group offers varying levels of intensity in outpatient services, both individual and group. Efforts are made to match clients with appropriate therapists. Pharmacologic therapy, drug monitoring and prescribing, use of antagonist and blocking agents, buprenorphine- both detox and maintenance, are offered.

All therapists at The Bergand Group have over twenty years’ experience in the mental health and addiction fields. Our focus is on providing comprehensive mental health care and toward appropriate care for addictive disorders.

Above all, it is our goal, in an ethical, sensitive, and humane manner, to help our clients, who have experienced the most discomforting of disorders, to recover and to grow, to achieve a level of personal development and comfort, through both clinical and 12 Step programs, that defines the very concept of healing.

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