Drug addiction has many faces. The stereotypical addict is someone who is homeless, begging for their next fix, and has lost all friends and family. The reality of drug addiction is that it can affect anyone. Understanding what drug addiction looks like will help you identify it in someone who may be suffering.

Understanding drug addiction goes further than reading a list of symptoms of drug use. Knowing the signs that someone may be struggling can help before it is too late. Aside from the obvious side effects of drug use, there are many behavioral changes and symptoms to look out for. Seeing drug addiction through the eyes of someone that has suffered greatly helps if you are in a similar situation. Below is an account from Anita Devlin, a mother whose son fell victim to addiction.

“Mike’s fight with addiction started when he was in high school. He was injured playing lacrosse and needed surgery on his shoulder. Following his surgery, Mike was given prescription painkillers, which he began abusing throughout most of his high school years. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered my son’s internal battles with insecurities and anxieties which drove his need to use drugs during school hours, before lacrosse games and during social gatherings. Once Mike reached college, he discovered heroin, which inevitably led him and our family to rock bottom.”

Anita’s story is like many others whose family members battle drug addiction. Whether you are an athlete who took painkillers after a sports injury, a mother who uses alcohol as an outlet to a long day of watching her children, or a CEO of a business who uses drugs to stay up and work late into the night, drug addiction does not discriminate.

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