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Transcending Addiction: Finding A Path to Recovery

Transcending Addiction

There are approximately 23.5 million Americans who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. This number translates to roughly one in every 10 Americans over the age of 12. Despite these high numbers of addiction, only 11% of addicted individuals receive treatment. There are many reasons this is the case, but we must work to fix this problem. Addiction is a chronic disease and requires treatment. Transcending addiction is difficult, but if individuals understand the condition better, they might also understand how to get their loved ones the help they so badly need.

Myths vs. Facts of Addiction

It’s important to understand the facts of addiction in order to fight some of the myths out there. Many of the misconceptions about addiction are hurtful and detrimental to people’s recovery.

Myth 1: Addiction is a Choice

People don’t choose to get addicted and have a substance control their lives. Addiction is a medical condition.

Myth 2: Addiction Only Happens to Certain Types of People

Addiction happens to everyone from all kinds of backgrounds, income levels, cultures, and age groups.

Myth 3: People with Addictions are Hopeless

Addiction may be a chronic condition, but it’s highly treatable. If individuals receive professional help, they can live a sober and happy life.

Myth 4: Kids “Just Say No”

Interestingly enough, the data shows that the majority of kids have experimented with drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, some people are just more prone to addiction than others.

How We Can Help

The non-addicted population can help those struggling with addiction by educating ourselves. By being non-judgemental and using the right language, you can make sure you don’t isolate those struggling with the disease. This will allow you to maintain a relationship with the individual. Then, when they seem ready, you may be able to convince them to seek professional treatment.

Transcending Addiction with The Bergand Group

If you or someone you know is ready to start transcending their addiction, book an initial consultation at The Bergand Group. Our professional facility has a wide variety of programs for individuals to choose from. Patients can identify the type of program that they feel the most comfortable with and start getting the help they need to get better. Contact us today for more information.

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