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How to Respond to a Loved One in an Addiction Center

How to Respond to a Loved One in an Addiction Center - The Bergand Group

When was the last time you remember someone holding open a door or greeting you, unprompted?  When was the last time you smiled at a stranger in the hallway or expressed gratitude in earnest for a favor done for you?  It seems overly-simplistic, but friendliness can have a huge effect on the moods of everyone involved and boost positive feelings for a while afterward.  It’s easy to forget simple kindnesses in a world as busy as ours, but small gestures can make all the difference for someone in an addiction center.

A Nod and a Smile Can Make All the Difference

Why does being friendly work so well to interact with those in an addiction center?  As a start, it “encourages others to be less guarded or reactive with you, since you’re answering the ancient question from millions of years of evolution—friend or foe?—with an open hand and heart.”  It’s a primal instinct to be wary, particularly of the unknown, but a gesture of goodwill or a simple smile suggests safety.  It extends a small moment of happiness to others that will be felt by both parties as they gain a sense of feeling at ease.  If someone has a more positive attitude, they’ll be more likely to then feel prepared for whatever the day might offer, particularly if he or she is struggling with addiction and working through an addiction center program.

While working on acting with more kindness in either small or large attempts, it’s likely that the person will start to desire more positive feedback in their day to day basis.  This can be especially helpful for someone receiving treatment from an addiction center. This can also help to develop a more firm sense of confidence as the friendliness displays are made into habit and help you to better cope with whatever difficulties the rest of the day might offer, such as facing the daily, uphill battles within an addiction center.  Extending friendliness to your loved one who is receiving treatment at an addiction center it can vastly improve your relationship.  They will feel more open toward you and thus can make your day easier as you grow to feel that you have others to rely on.

Clearly, friendliness acts within a cycle that offers positive results for all involved, and if you have a loved one in an addiction center this positive response is extremely beneficial.  It’s worth a reminder, though, that no one should feel as if  this means putting on a front or not being honest in the attempt; if you usually keep to yourself, smaller gestures like a smile work just as well and will still appear genuine.  Also, “friendliness does not equal friendship; in truth, most relationships are with friendly acquaintances.”  You needn’t become best friends with everyone you meet to reap the benefits; it’s all about the small gestures and genuine intent that make the difference.  Working through addiction can seem like a process that a patient has to undertake alone, but this is hardly the case, and forming positive relationships with others can vastly improve the process.

Friendliness and support is helpful for a loved one in an addiction center

Friendliness also shouldn’t be something saved for strangers alone.  Increasing the friendly gestures within familial, friendly, and romantic relationships can bring seriously good long term results for all involved – especially when this added friendliness is shown as support for a loved one in an addiction center.  Many times these thoughts are forgotten in the course of serious and long-term relationships of any kind, but being mindful and making an effort to extend small kindnesses can make you feel better immediately while also strengthening the ties to those you care about.  Some of these relationships might have been strained as a result of addiction, but trying to incorporate little moments of new friendliness can revive it.

For more information on comprehensive mental health and strategies to boost your mood, get in touch with The Bergand Group. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction center, and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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