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Amphetamine Abuse Higher Than Ever

Student Drugs and Amphetamine Abuse - The Bergand Group

The pressures faced by high school students have never been more numerous.  Competition with their peers and desires to attend top-tier colleges drive these young people toward unhealthy habits that are usually born out of a drive toward academic achievement.  Parents, peers, and teachers contribute to this stress, usually unintentionally, as they help to encourage the student to achieve.  Unfortunately, the efforts are nudging these young students more and more toward amphetamine abuse as they begin to take “study drugs.”

High School Students Suffer from Amphetamine Abuse

Though most high schoolers would likely say that the next step in their lives is college, more and more are finding themselves in treatment for addiction instead.  As the crushing pressure to be the best in their class, grade, school, etc. weighs on them, students are looking for more “effective” ways to study and “achieve.”  Though drugs like Adderall are often seen changing hands in colleges, it’s becoming even more of a pervasive and concerning issue as it trickles down into the high school population.  This increasing amphetamine abuse means big trouble for these young people who don’t understand the threat of addiction that comes with the labeled uses of the drug.

Teens from 14-18 are now taking more prescription pills than ever.  Adderall and other substances allow them to stay up later, study harder, focus more intensely.  It also comes with the possibility of an addiction as they become less and less willing to go without for fear of how their grades and academic standing might suffer.  They’re able to get these pills from other students, perhaps of different grades.  They can get them from friends and siblings.  Students admit readily that it isn’t difficult to obtain these “study drugs,” but they’re less likely to mention how many of their fellows may have suffered consequences as a result of their amphetamine abuse.

A lot of this growing issue is a result of societal expectations.  Now more than ever, there is a burden that falls onto these students after they’ve been told time and time again that how they rank compared with others is more important than their personal growth and achievement.  Parents and their children are both hyper-focused on this numeric ranking whether it relates to SAT scores, class standing, or report cards.  Those not high in these scores are terrified they won’t be accepted into Ivy League schools while those are the top of the heap are terrified of exactly the same thing despite their previous successes.

There may not be an single solution to reducing amphetamine abuse, but awareness and increased education about the facts and dangers are always good places to start.  If parents and educators begin to recognize the danger of the pressure that they are placing onto their children and students, then they can begin to work with the teenagers to understand the risks of study drugs.  Rather than showing clear disdain for a grade that falls short of perfect, parents should “affirm your student’s self-worth.”  Rather than posting a list of grades or advertising who has done the best or the worst, teachers should encourage healthy study habits, maintain an open door policy for stressed-out students who may want to talk, and gently helping to boost understanding of more challenging subjects.

Amphetamine abuse is at an all-time high and can’t be curbed without the efforts of the adults in those students’ lives.  If your student is in the throes of an addiction to study drugs and needs professional help,  get in touch with The Bergand Group. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction recovery center, and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues.  We can help you to work through your addiction in a safe and healthy environment where everyone is committed to your care.

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