In Maryland, a driving while impaired (DWI) charge is considered a less serious legal offense than a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. Drivers charged with DWIs usually pass breathalyzers by remaining just under the legal limit. However, they present signs of impairment to law enforcement, such as failing field sobriety tests or driving outside marked lanes.

DUI/DWI Educational Programs in Baltimore

Drivers receiving a DUI charge have blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) over Maryland’s legal limit of .08 percent. They will be arrested on the spot, jailed for up to 60 days, ordered to pay fines and have their driver’s license revoked.

In addition, drivers convicted of a DUI could see the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration slap a 12-point penalty on their driver’s licenses. That is enough points for the state to revoke a person’s license for as long as three years.

Why is There a Need for DUI/DWI Educational Programs in Baltimore?

Baltimore police continue to diligently crack down on drunk or impaired drivers. However, Baltimore to rank high among other large U.S. cities for drunk driving accidents and arrests.

The 2018 Maryland Highway Safety Plan reports that impaired driving is the caused of one in three fatal vehicle accidents, one in 10 overall vehicle accidents and one in 10 accidents resulting in severe injuries. Many of these DUI/DWI traffic crashes occur in and around Baltimore.

The Bergand Group Offers DUI/DWI Educational Programs in Baltimore

People charged with a DUI or DWI in Maryland will likely be judge-ordered to complete an educational program before they can have their driver’s license reinstated. In some cases, charges of DUI or DWI mandates participating in an outpatient alcohol treatment program. Repeat DUI/DWI offenders may be required to admit themselves into a residential treatment program.

The Bergand Group offers state-certified educational and drug treatment programs for individuals ordered to complete one or both programs. Immediate enrollment is available, with programs consisting of weekly sessions over a period of six weeks.

Following completion of a DUI/DWI education program, repeat offenders should consider taking advantage of the Bergand Group’s DWI/DUI Aftercare Groups. Lasting between 26 to 52 weeks, our Aftercare Groups provide ongoing support for multiple offenders.

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