Ambulatory detox is a fairly new treatment concept in substance abuse rehabilitation. The idea may be new, but it’s an innovative approach that makes detox much more affordable, integrated, and comfortable for many patients. Every person’s addiction journey is different, and now, with options like ambulatory detox, the approaches to detox and treatment can vary too.

What Does it all Mean?

There are different variations of ambulatory detox but simply explained, this type of treatment allows patients to detox in an outpatient setting. Patients can detox from alcohol or substances without remaining on-premise at their treatment facility. This form of treatment is thought to be more affordable and customizable but still allow patients to get the help they need and fully recover from addiction. Ambulatory detox initially was met with some skepticism from the rehabilitation community, as withdrawals can come with health risks (such as a stroke or heart attack). Still, the treatment method has gained popularity in recent years.

What Can You Expect From Ambulatory Detox?

Ambulatory detox is all the benefits of regular detox treatment but with more flexibility. First, patients receive an entirely customized medicine plan based on their substance abuse history. Next, the patient gets to leave the rehab facility and return home every night. This allows them to better meld their sober life and their home life together. As the patient lives at home during detox, it’s an opportunity for them to reconnect and rebuild any family relationships. This will make the transition from treatment to living a sober life in the real world much smoother.

How Does it Help?

Ambulatory detox is more affordable than inpatient programs, allowing the program to last much longer than typical inpatient detox. The benefit of this is that drugs can be tapered more gently, reducing the risk to individuals.

Additionally, the reduced cost makes the program more realistic for people in tight financial situations.

Experience Ambulatory Detox With the Bergand Group

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