Sublocade, a subcutaneous Buprenorphine product, is now offered by The Bergand Group.

It “is designed to deliver buprenorphine continuously to provide sustained levels of medication throughout the month.” This once-monthly product is able to help its users, as “people treated with SUBLOCADE plus counseling were 14x more likely to achieve treatment success* compared to people treated with placebo (injection with no medication) plus counseling in a 24-week clinical study.”

Wondering what this really means? “A once-monthly injection of SUBLOCADE is administered by a healthcare provider. Medication will gradually be released into the body over time. This extended-release delivery system is designed to deliver buprenorphine at a controlled rate over a one-month period.” 

How does it work? “SUBLOCADE blocked the rewarding effects of opioids. Pleasurable feelings from opioids are called rewarding effects, which can positively reinforce or increase the likelihood of continued opioid use.”

Since this should be used in conjunction with counseling, please get in touch with The Bergand Group today to see how you can benefit from sublocade and counseling!