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Treatment For Substance Abuse in Harford County

substance abuse harford county

Alcohol and substance abuse are finally getting the productive attention they need. Instead of being treated like a criminal act, professionals are realizing how important treatment for substance abuse really is. If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse in Harford County, there is somewhere you can go to get help. The Bergand Group has all of the necessary resources to help you recover.

Learning to Treat Substance Abuse in Harford County MD

Despite all of the “say no to drug” campaigns and readily available information, drug overdose percentages keep rising. According to data from 2017, the death toll is suspected to rise by 100 percent each year. This is a scary percentage that The Bergard Group is trying to address. Too many people are being lost to addiction and substance abuse. Trying to end substance abuse isn’t easy alone. To stop the cycle of addiction, there must be a solid support group and resources there to catch individuals in the throes of addiction and substance abuse.

Harford County especially has been hit hard with deaths due to drug overdoses being the 7th-highest cause of over deaths in 2015, according to Dr. Russell Moy (a health officer from Harford County). It’s important to get help before it’s too late. If the person addicted is still alive and breathing, then they have time to get help.

What to Expect from A Substance Abuse Program

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse in Harford county then you can go to The Bergand Group for help and treatment. They offer plenty of services for individuals that need help. One of their most prominent services is the intensive outpatient treatment program. In this program, there are different sessions a patient will attend in order to start their road to recovery.

The Bergand group also offers programs that involve both group and individual therapy that will help during and after recovery. There are counseling and psychotherapy programs, as well as family therapy to help med those broken or strained bonds families sometimes experiencing when going through addiction with a family member. If someone you know is suffering from substance abuse in Harford County, don’t hesitate to call The Bergand Group for treatment today.

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