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The Dangers of Society After Substance Abuse Treatment

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There are a number of biological reasons which cover the reasons that cravings exist in humans, but more specifically, in former addicts.  Doctors, scientists, psychologists have all presented explanations for why temptation exists perpetually for those who have and have not been through substance abuse treatment.  “The world we live in is motivationally toxic,” says one Ph.D., and uses the following metaphor to explain: ” All of us are trying to diet inside a candy store and being blamed for giving in and getting fat.”

The Modern Environment Is out to Get Us

It’s a good comparison for a situation that will seemingly never change in difficulty.  To diet, exercise, or aim for less screen time is nearly impossible when the motivation levels of most people are non-existent, never mind trying to live post- substance abuse treatment when the potential to fall back into old habits always runs high.  “Think of the candy store as itself an evolving, living machine constructed to elicit buying behavior from us. It constantly refines itself until it develops into the perfect combination of product, promotion, placement and price to get us to chow down.”  Meaning, we are almost always exposed to advertisements and products (like cigarettes and alcohol) that are aimed expertly toward us based on what “they” know that we want.  Or, rather, based on what “they” know that we can’t resist.

Following substance abuse treatment, the patient has enough of a struggle trying to keep from old habits and situations in which those substances might make an appearance.  This is complicated immensely by the environment of today in which businesses and advertisers “learn” their audience and find eerily effective ways to encourage ” addiction, distraction and overconsumption.”  No matter how many solutions or guides are provided, the world we live in will still exist around us and therefore the temptation will still be present.  Really, in a culture of excess and overindulgence, it’s more difficult now than ever to continue straight along a healthy path, no matter what the consequences may be.

Too often, people are blamed for their lapses and declared to be without the willpower to overcome cravings when the real problem is actually the environment.  There are strategies to help keep you on the right path once substance abuse treatment is over, but without change on a much larger scale that shifts a lot of the media that we are exposed to, there will still be dangerous diversions.  “What we want is for good decisions to feel like natural decisions” and, therefore, for bad decisions to feel more unnatural and less like we’ve falling into the inevitable.  However, while we exist in a society that contains “features that can coax maladaptive behaviors, particularly overconsumption,” it’s more difficult than ever to reach this level of thinking, even after all the work done within modern substance abuse treatment.

For more information how to steer clear of temptation after substance abuse treatment, get in touch with The Bergand Group. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction recovery center, and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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