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Get Help for Addiction by Understanding Cravings

Get Help for Addiction with Alcohol Rehab - Bergand Group

As anyone struggling with addiction or working through alcohol rehab knows, the difficulty is in large part due to a clash between mind and body.  The intention to reach sobriety isn’t enough; when looking to get help for addiction, you have to battle biological processes that seem to oppose you at every turn.  A good start is to understanding how and why impulses and habit-forming behaviors occur, physically, so that you can develop strategies to make the cravings easier to handle.

Learn More About Habit-Forming to Get Help for Addiction

One of the most crucial details to keep in mind as you work to get help for addiction or traverse alcohol rehab is that “it is easier to change our environment than to change our habits.”  After all, if you’ve lived in a situation surrounded by people with similar, problematic behaviors, then it would be easier to move elsewhere than to stay put with the only change being in your behaviors while the others continue what they’re doing.  That way, obviously, you would still be surrounded by temptation, which you are biologically ill- prepared to deal with.  If your senses are exposed to triggers in the environment, you may have an extremely difficult time overcoming the need for the substance simply because you’re hard-wired that way.

In some cases, you may be forced to realize that you aren’t necessarily stronger than your biology.  “Individual decisions are best understood as the interactions between deliberation and impulse.”  They are like opposite ends of the spectrum, with “deliberation” involving slower and more intentional choices and “impulse” falling under spontaneity and reactionary responses.  To be able to get help for addiction, you need to figure out how to find a balance between these two, particularly making sure to avoid falling into frequent impulse reactions, which are likely to lead to relapse from alcohol rehab and giving into drug cravings.  “The ability to ‘balance’ these two systems is critical for successful self-control and to sustain effortful control in pursuit of long-term goal.”

Where the impulse system gets more dangerous is when you’re under stress.  Typically, your body falls back automatically to the familiar, even if those habits are unhealthy, and the more this happens, the more ingrained these behaviors become.  Unfortunately, “most of our habits take shape at the neural level through the connections between brain cells,” so they can be extremely difficult to reshape when trying to get help for addiction in order to reach sobriety.  If you work out with weights every day, your arm muscles will get stronger; it’s the same with your brain and these habit-forming behaviors strengthening the reaction response and neural pathways the more it comes up.

So, how do you begin to combat these deep-seated cravings after a long period of strengthening them?  It isn’t easy, but it does begin with that other system of “deliberation.”  Working to slow down and really think things over puts that struggle more into balance.  Shifting your environment is also an incredible help in encouraging better behaviors and new, healthy habits so you can more easily get help for addiction.  For example, meeting with a support group or participating regularly in an intensive outpatient program will solidify a new habit, and the more you go, the stronger that practice will be integrated into your life.  After all, the way that any new behavior is formed or adjusted is through repetition, and sobriety is no different.

Consider how the body and mind work together or clash and then make the necessary “repeated efforts to reinforce new understanding and new coping skills.”  For more information regarding understanding the science of cravings and to get help for addiction, get in touch with The Bergand Group. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction recovery center, and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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