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When facing substance abuse, it is hard, to say the least. Facing these problems is not easy, nor is it an easy subject to address. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. People do recover from this problem every day. Individuals suffering from substance abuse require the best treatment possible. Whether someone has an alcohol problem or a drug problem, learning about their options for rehab is important to the success of their treatment. Substance abuse in Harford County is a major concern; that is where The Bergand Group comes in. The Bergand Group offers professional treatment for those seeking to transform their lives to live a substance-free life.

Rate of Substance Abuse in Harford County

The abuse of alcohol, drugs, and other substances is a significant problem in Harford County. According to the 2011 US Census, nationally, 42.1% of people reported using illicit drugs at some point in their lives. A similar number, 39%, reported substance abuse within the past year. The percentage of residents who reported substance abuse in Harford County was even higher at 44.2%. Additionally, a report from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) 2019 data for substance abuse in Harford county states that nearly half of all residents ages 12 or older (48%) had used alcohol in the past month. An additional 18% reported drinking in the past month but not within the past year.

Recovering from Substance Abuse Problems in Baltimore

The Bergand Group of Baltimore is the leader in substance abuse recovery. Our team of specialists is here to help individuals find answers to their addiction issues and get on the road to a healthy life. We are a premier, nationally certified treatment center offering the finest treatment options for over 35 years. We are proud to serve Harford County and all of Maryland and beyond with our highly specialized inpatient detoxification and outpatient drug rehabilitation services in our modern, comfortable facility. Our expert staff members work together to develop an individualized treatment plan that includes multiple types of therapy and medically-assisted therapy, including medication management and counseling. Together with our doctors, nurses, therapists, and case managers, we will make sure that you receive the care needed to recover from drug and alcohol dependence.

To make an individual’s recovery more successful, we offer a variety of specialized programs and services geared to helping you achieve your goals. These include:

  • Inpatient Detox Services
  • Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Steps to Substance Abuse Recovery

It may not be easy to stop individuals from using drugs or alcohol. But they can be guided to get their lives back on track through an in-depth assessment process, which is exactly what we do at The Bergand Group. We’ll provide individuals struggling with substance abuse in Harford County with the necessary support, tools, and resources to help them recover and rebuild their lives for the better. We know this is tough to talk about, but we hope that our friendly, professional approach will make it easier for such individuals to tell us the truth about how far the drinking or drug use has gone.

Finding Treatment for Substance Abuse

For people seeking help to recover from substance abuse problems, it can be challenging to find a program that can meet their needs. Finding the best Baltimore location for recovery is the first step, but utilizing the best treatment techniques to achieve long-term recovery is crucial. The Bergand Group specializes in treating alcoholism, drug addiction, and various other behavioral health conditions.

If you are looking for an efficient and effective recover center then look no further ! The Bergand Group is has the best specialists in Harford County to ensure a smooth recovery process. To find out more, reach out to us through our website to schedule an appointment.

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