Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy - The Bergand GroupOur experienced addiction recovery therapists use a variety of individual therapy techniques to examine and treat addiction, which includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) individual therapy is to get the patient to recognize things that trigger their substance cravings. There are many potential situations that trigger substance cravings. Situational triggers such as being with friends who still use drugs can cause cravings, as can environmental stimuli. Mental health conditions such as stress are also triggers that can cause cravings. Recovering addicts will inevitably be faced with some of these triggers during the course of their recovery, which is why cognitive behavioral therapy is so important. Working together with the therapist, the patients learns how to recognize their individual triggers, as well as techniques for avoiding them and, if they cannot be avoided, how to overcome them.

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