Counseling and Psychotherapy

Counseling and Psychotherapy - The Bergand GroupOur therapists provide individual addiction counseling and coaching as part of the healing process for our patients and their families in the Baltimore and Harford County areas.

Counseling and psychotherapy are two fundamental aspects of addiction treatment. All facets of the addiction need to be treated in order for someone with a substance addiction to recover. For many people, the idea of addiction is of a physical need and craving for a substance, without which the user would suffer withdrawal symptoms. This is a major component of addiction, but it’s not the only one.

The mental component of addiction is just as important to address when treating addiction as the physical. Many who suffer from substance abuse problems can recover from their physical needs and cravings for the drug well before they are able to shake their mental desire for the drug. Drug and alcohol addictions are triggered as much by the body’s need for the drug as by the mind’s. Social situations such as being with friends who continue to use drugs can trigger cravings in a recovering addict. Environmental cues such as visiting a certain place where substance abuse took place are also strong drivers of cravings. Internal factors such as stress or depression are very strong triggers and can be difficult to overcome.

A recovering substance user is often overwhelmed by these mental cravings. This is where addiction counseling and psychotherapy play such a significant role in addiction treatment. Trained alcohol and drug counselors and therapists use a variety of techniques to teach patients how to recognize these mental cravings, the things that trigger them, and strategies for overcoming them. In the short term, the patient must overcome physical cravings, but in the long term, he or she will be dealing with the mental components of their addiction. Social and environmental stimuli can present themselves without warning, and may well trigger cravings. With addiction counseling and psychotherapy, a patient will be equipped with the skills to take control over mental cravings instead of being controlled by them.

Here at The Bergand Group, your addiction counselor will work with you in a one-on-one setting. Your counselor will help you to understand your own triggers, social, environmental, and personal. Your counselor will work through behavioral and emotional issues you may have in order to make real progress in your treatment. Addiction treatment is not an easy or quick process, but every time you meet with your counselor for addiction psychotherapy, you will make progress towards your goal of a substance-free life.

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