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Understanding Relapse Prevention in Baltimore County

Relapse Prevention in Baltimore Count

Over 8 million Americans suffer from substance abuse, some of who also have a co-occuring mental health disorder. Here’s more information regarding relapse prevention in Baltimore County and how The Bergand Group approaches relapse prevention.

What is a Relapse?

As it pertains to substance abuse, a relapse occurs when an individual uses drugs after a period of not using drugs. For example, if an individual seeks treatment for substance abuse and completes a treatment program to lead a new, healthy lifestyle without drugs, but uses drugs again after a time of not using or depending on drugs, this is known as a relapse.

What Are Some of the Different Triggers That Can Cause a Person to Relapse?

A relapse trigger is any type of emotional, social, or environmental situation or event that entices individuals to use drugs again. Some relapse triggers include, but are not limited to:


  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Co-workers
  • Former drug dealers


  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Friend’s home
  • Certain neighborhoods


  • TV/movies
  • Empty pill bottles
  • Cash/credit cards

Various situations can cause a relapse, such as stressful events (death of a loved one, loss of a job) and the holidays or other special occasions (birthdays, weddings). According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), between 40 percent and 60 percent of individuals who endure treatment for substance abuse experience some type of relapse.

How Can Relapse Prevention Strategies Help Individuals Who Have Issues with Substance Abuse?

Relapse prevention strategies help individuals who struggle with substance abuse overcome their hardships by finding other ways to cope with different challenges in life without resorting to using drugs and other substances. Relapse prevention strategies can include:

  • Recognizing the stages of a relapse
  • Knowing and understanding triggers
  • Asking for help (having a support group)
  • Remembering the reason for quitting
  • Practicing self-care
  • Managing withdrawal symptoms

Relapse Prevention in Baltimore County

The staff at The Bergand Group dedicates its time, care, and expertise to individuals who want to overcome substance abuse. The Bergand Group specializes in effective, compassionate, and individualized treatment plans for individuals who are struggling with alcohol and drug addictions, mental health disorders, and similar issues. Contact The Bergand Group today to find a professional recovery partner.

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