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Relapse Prevention in Baltimore: Getting Ahead of Addiction

Relapse Prevention in Towson MD

Studies estimate that people suffering from addiction need, on average, seven tries to fully overcome their addiction. The Bergand Group aims to support these people by providing relapse prevention in Baltimore.

What is a Relapse and Relapse Prevention?

Relapses happen when someone who has been drug-free for a period of time uses again. A relapse can happen a week, a year, or even a decade after the person last used drugs. It’s important to note that a single relapse does not mean the person has failed. However, a relapse may lead the user to fall back into drug abuse. Thus, even though most relapses are part of the recovery process, they should be prevented when possible.

Relapse Triggers

Many people relapse when experiencing stress, such as losing a job, breaking up with a romantic partner, or otherwise encountering a tough time. Those who have just begun the recovery process may relapse due to withdrawal symptoms. Social pressure may also cause a relapse if the person continues their relationships with people who still use drugs. If someone began using it as a response to trauma, triggering that trauma may also cause a relapse. Triggers are different for each person, and part of the recovery process involves identifying such triggers so they can be mitigated or avoided.

Stages of Relapse

Most people experience a mental and emotional progression towards a relapse. The first stage is when the person finds themselves in an unhealthy environment. Going to parties where drug use is common is an example of such behavior. Another early warning sign is when the person begins bottling up their emotions or isolating themselves from healthy relationships.

At some point, the person begins feeling the temptation to use again. This may involve bargaining with oneself, such as: “just one drink,” or “it’s the holidays!” The person downplays the negative consequences of their drug use and remembers only the pleasant parts of using, such as feeling socially accepted.

Once a person begins bargaining with themselves, a relapse may be imminent. This is where relapse prevention services can provide positive support.

Relapse Prevention in Baltimore

There’s no shame in asking for help. If you or someone you know struggles with avoiding a relapse in Baltimore, the Bergand Group is here to help.

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