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Relapse Prevention in Baltimore County: Staying Ahead of Addiction

Relapse Prevention in Baltimore County

Recovering from addiction is a lengthy process. It’s not easy to overcome dependence, handle withdrawal symptoms, and overcome the urge to use. In fact, it’s common for those who recovered to relapse. Relapse means using a substance after you’ve been abstinent for a period of time. Becoming aware of the stages of relapse and creating a plan to deal with them can prevent you from using again. If you need relapse prevention in Baltimore County, The Bergand Group is here to help.

The Stages of Relapse

Relapse happens in three stages which are emotional, mental, and physical. This process can begin weeks before you use again. During the emotional relapse stage, your thoughts and behaviors are setting you up for relapse. It’s likely you’re isolating yourself and keeping your emotions bottled up. During the mental relapse stage, you’re fighting between using and not using. You’re solely remembering the good times of using. During the physical relapse stage, you use again.

Common Relapse Triggers

When someone relapses, they take a certain amount of the substance that they think is going to be effective. Sometimes they don’t realize that since they lost their tolerance even taking half of what they normally would could be lethal. Places, people, and situations can trigger people into using again. Some of the most common relapse triggers are being at a party where there are drugs and alcohol, toxic relationships, stress, and places where you used to drink or do drugs.

Some Relapse Prevention Strategies

When you’re filled with the urge to use, think about why you quit whether it’s because of the relationships you damaged or how you ill you felt. Distract yourself by going for a jog, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends and family who are not enablers. Ask for help. You don’t have to go through recovery alone: a treatment center can help make the process easier.

The Bergand Group Can Help With Relapse Prevention in Baltimore County

The Bergand Group is Maryland’s top addiction treatment and recovery center where we offer support for those who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues. For more information about relapse prevention in Baltimore County, contact the Bergand Group today. Help is available.

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