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Relapse Prevention in Towson

Approximately half of all people who are treated for drug or alcohol addiction are at serious risk of relapse, which is why relapse prevention in Harford County is such a hot topic. Sobering up alone is not enough to beat addiction, as there will be plenty of external and internal struggles in the years that follow actual drug or alcohol use. Unfortunately, addiction is a lifelong disease, and the only way to avoid succumbing to it again is to treat it properly.

What Does the Term Relapse Mean?

Relapse is the act of consuming a substance or alcohol again after you have been sober for a lengthy (or even short period) of time. Relapse is the largest threat to recovery, and it is very common as the mental and physical effects of withdrawal can be hard to fight. Many addicts are unable to stop the cravings without intense help and therapy and succumb to the urge to use again.

What Are Common Relapse Triggers?

Everyone has their own triggers, so it is important that you seek out therapy to identify yours. Proper relapse prevention in Harford County includes recognizing and seeking help when you spot a trigger emerging in your life. It is important to realize that triggers can be mental, emotional, and physical so simply staying home or away from pirates may not be enough to prevent relapse.

Common relapse triggers include:

  • Poor self-care
  • Poor stress management
  • Finding or seeing drug supplies
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • The presence of enablers
  • Being in an environment (party, gathering, etc.) where your addiction is present

What are Strategies for Relapse Prevention in Harford County?

If you start to feel yourself considering a drink or drug, then you need to seek help immediately. The best time for an addict to reach out for help is before they relapse, not after they relapse. Whenever you feel a trigger you need to think about why you entered recovery and how embarrassing, sick, out of control, or low you felt while using.

Proper relapse prevention in Harford County means having a team that is ready to support you. In 99% of cases, addiction can not be fought individually. Addicts need a strong support team from an addiction treatment center to help them learn proper coping skills so they can face down triggers and stay sober.

Bergand Group in Harford County specializes in treating addiction and supporting recovery via a variety of approaches customized to meet the needs of each patient. Contact us today for help fighting and beating addiction.

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