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The first step of addiction recovery is achieving sobriety, but getting sober is not the last step. Unfortunately, addiction also is associated with many psychological and emotional complications along with physical ones. Long after the physical cravings disappear, many addicts suffer from psychological cravings, so learning appropriate strategies for relapse prevention in Timonium, MD is essential.

What is Relapse?

Relapse is when an addict uses a substance they had previously quit using. For alcoholics, this might mean drinking after becoming sober or someone with substance abuse problems using an illegal or illicit drug after a period of sobriety. Unlike people who are not addicts, one pill, one injection, or one drink is often all it takes to be tossed back into chronic misuse of alcohol or a substance.

What are the Dangers of Relapse?

Relapse is also a danger to all recovering addicts. Still, it can be especially problematic for addicts who have developed health issues during sobriety or have a lower tolerance level than they realize. Opioid addicts often misjudge their tolerance level after maintaining sobriety for some time and are prone to accidental overdoses.

Relapse can instantly throw someone back into the throes of their addiction and require an addict to start the rehabilitation process all over again. Often they will need to readdress addiction, triggers, withdrawal symptoms, and health-associated risks.

Common Relapse Triggers

Many things can trigger a relapse, so proper counseling and continued support are necessary for addicts to maintain their sobriety. Many centers offer relapse prevention in Timonium, MD programs to help address triggers and help addicts find a healthy way to deal with emotions. Common relapse triggers include:

  • Over-confidence in beating addiction
  • Job changes and stress
  • Social isolation
  • Stress in general
  • Loneliness
  • Physical or mental illness

Strategies for Relapse Prevention in Timonium, MD

The best strategy for relapse prevention in Timonium, MD, is the process of learning when you are at the highest risk for a relapse. There are three periods when you are at risk of relapse, emotional relapse, mental relapse, and eventually physical relapse, which is when you actually partake in the substance. By identifying emotional and mental symptoms, you can seek help before they make sobriety too tricky.

Contact The Bergand Group for Relapse Prevention in Timonium, MD

If you need help developing strong relapse prevention in Timonium, MD strategies, The Bergand Group can help. Contact us today for more information about how you can maintain your sobriety.

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