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Continue Recovery with Relapse Prevention in Towson MD

Relapse Prevention in Towson

One of the largest dangers of drug rehabilitation programs is the potential for drug relapse. In fact, the common addict will relapse at least once if not more once they enter recovery. This is why drug addicts are never considered cured, but instead live the rest of their life in recovery. Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is a lifelong battle, but it is not impossible with the help of the right support team and recovery tactics. Relapse prevention in Towson is possible if you are able to identify triggers and create successful relapse prevention strategies.

Common Relapse Triggers

Relapse triggers differ for every addict, but they usually are associated with the environment, emotional, and social cues that an addict might have felt compelled to use in the past. That said, there are a few triggers that can be avoided that addicts should be away from in order to create strong relapse prevention in Towson strategies. Withdrawal symptoms initially are the largest triggers for newly recovered addicts, but then other situational triggers include bad relationships, emotional instability, choosing to stay around people who enable your drug use, keeping drug supplies in your home, or visiting places where you may have abused drugs or alcohol in the past.

Strong Strategies for Relapse Prevention in Towson

The first step in relapse prevention is recognizing that you are experiencing the urge to use. Once you acknowledge that fact the next step is remembering why you have decided to be sober. Think through all the reasons why you decided to quit and how out of control you were when using. Then think about how your life has improved since becoming sober and what you stand to lose if you chose to use again. Remind yourself it is a choice to use again and not a compulsion. If you still feel an overwhelming urge to use it is important to contact a counselor or your sponsor for support. With the right team, you can overpower the urge to relapse.

Contact The Bergand Group for Help with Relapse Prevention in Towson

Whether you are at the start of your drug recovery journey or attempting to enter recovery again after relapse, The Bergand Group can help. Contact us today for help with relapse prevention in Towson.

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