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Breathwork to Help with Relapse Prevention

Benefits of Relapse Prevention - The Bergand Group

There is no shortage of “solutions” to addiction, strategies from professionals and amateurs alike, from those in and out of rehab, from people who have been users for years and from those who have just gotten into substance use.  The reason for this variety is fairly obvious; different methods work for different people with hugely varying levels of success even within the labels of “it works for me” or “it doesn’t work for me.”  When professionals are working to help others with relapse prevention, one such suggestion may be “breathwork,” a somewhat revolutionary treatment that seems simple and works to huge effect in many of its patients.

Inhale, Exhale to Real Results

“Breathwork” sounds straightforward: using breathing techniques for relapse prevention and to recover from addiction.  The idea isn’t a complicated one, but its results are groundbreaking and, according to reports, have great success.  Defined, this method is “a two-stage breath technique that… calms and allows us to experience what it’s like to be connected… and we get the chance to process and heal old trauma.”  It sounds at first like sifting through silt to find gold, as the individual uses breathing to find love and forgiveness for themselves so that they can move on.  Crucial pieces in relapse prevention are stirring up these positive emotions, connecting with yourself in an intimate way, and feeling safe before moving forward.

The importance of this approach is not just in the physical aspect, in breathing and talking, but in the mental and emotional depths that can be reached.  The result is “a human becoming aware that he or she is responsible for his or her own life and choices and that he or she has the power to change that by becoming connected to themselves.”  Part of the danger of addiction that may thwart relapse prevention is that people are trying to push away or avoid pain from their past.  The way to finally move past is to confront that pain, to admit to the difficulties so that the individual can connect again with that part of his or herself.  It’s impossible, the supporters of breathwork claim, to reach real recovery if a person is fractured in this way.

Breathwork is said to be a “quick” approach to therapy with changes taking places within minutes.  Some experts have expressed the fear that the patient may not be ready to face the feelings and memories that would be dredged up via breathwork, but the retort is that the patients have been avoiding this exposure for the entirety of their addiction and that recovery needs to begin with this trauma.  Serious work toward relapse prevention requires an open mind and bravery; the process will hardly be easy, but breathwork is said to “quickly deconstruct and break through the defense-mechanisms typically encountered during talk therapy.”  In this way, it can achieve something that they may not reach in other methods of addiction recovery.

To understand how this technique works, you should try and address the question of what makes up an addiction.  Some believe that drug and alcohol abuse is a response to the inability to cope, a desire to replace the trials of one day with substances that warp the reality, making it easier to interact with.  The difficulty comes in the changing of the brain’s chemistry and the greater impact on that person’s lifestyle, which is where breathwork comes into the picture.  If a person doesn’t love his or herself and doesn’t love their life (or reality), then that is the real problem that needs to be attended to.  Relapse prevention begins with a level of acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding, but those concepts don’t come easily to anyone.  To even begin an approach, you have to take things slowly and open up to the idea of releasing old traumas in order to believe in the potential for a happier future.

For more information on the breathwork strategy and on relapse prevention in Carroll County, get in touch with The Bergand Group. The Bergand Group is Maryland’s leading addiction recovery center, and offers support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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