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What Steps to take after a DUI

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Many people confuse or interchangeably use the terms DUI and DWI, but in Maryland, the law is very clear when defining the difference between the two. Before looking into the steps to take after a DUI, it is essential to step back and clarify which charge you are facing. According to Maryland law, a DWI occurs when a driver is found to have a BAC of .07% or higher, while a DUI is defined as a driver who has a BAC of .08% or higher. Therefore, of the two charges, a DUI is the more serious charge and carries more severe consequences in the courtroom.

Steps to Take After a DUI

Once you have been removed from your vehicle, charged, and potentially spent a night in jail, it is time to figure out the steps to take after a DUI. This can be a confusing, embarrassing, and confusing time but it is not an impossible situation. Outside of following all court instructions, sometimes a DWI education program will be required.

Following a DUI, many people in Maryland are told that they must complete an educational and aftercare program. This program teaches attendees about the dangers of driving under the influence and helps violators determine if their DUI resulted from a bad choice or because they are abusing alcohol. In other cases, drivers may be required to complete a DUI educational program before they can obtain a new driver’s license following the initial revocation of their license.

What to Look for in a DWI or DWI Educational Program

If you have been told you need to complete a DUI program as part of your steps to take after a DUI, then you need to do some research and make sure you choose a certified program. In order to satisfy the requirements of the court of license office, most offenders are required to take at least a 12-hour Alcohol Education Program. The hours are generally broken up into two-hour segments offered over a six-week period because research proves that a six-week period will result in more information retention versus a day program. If you are working your steps after getting a DUI and need to complete an alcohol education program, contact The Bergand Group to learn more about our program.

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