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What is Relapse Prevention in Timonium MD?

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Relapse is when a person uses drugs after they’ve been abstinent for a period of time. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40 to 60 percent of people who are struggling with addiction relapse. Understanding and recognizing the stages of relapse and creating a plan to deal with them can prevent someone from using again. If you’re in search of a treatment center that can help with this, The Bergand Group offers compassionate and individualized treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, mental health, and related orders and offers excellent relapse prevention in Timonium, MD. 

The Stages of Relapse

The first thing to be aware of is the stages of relapse. The process can start anywhere from weeks to months before you start to use again.

  • Emotional relapse is when you’re not thinking about using, but you’re isolating yourself, not sleeping well, and keeping your emotions bottled up.
  • Mental relapse is the phase when you’re at war with yourself because you want to use, but you also don’t want to use. You may associate the good times with substance abuse, make internal bargains, and plan to use again at some point.
  • Physical relapse is when you actually start using again.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

The most common relapse triggers are withdrawal symptoms, bad relationships, stress, poor self-care, and loneliness. Acknowledging these factors and taking steps to offset them is the best way to avoid relapse. First, remember why you quit. Think about how sick and bad you felt, and the people you’ve hurt. Focus on how much better your life is going to be once you quit for good. You can rebuild relationships, get a job, and get healthy again. Second, ask for help. Recovering by yourself is incredibly difficult, and often dangerous, due to withdrawal symptoms. Addiction treatment centers can offer you ways to control your symptoms and provide you with skills to help you cope with negative thoughts or cravings that may be encouraging you to use again.

The Bergand Group Helps with Relapse Prevention in Timonium MD

The Bergand Group is the most experienced and trusted alcohol and drug treatment center in Maryland. Our goal is to create a comfortable setting while providing respect for the individuality and dignity of our patients. To schedule an appointment with us today, click here.

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