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Psychoeducational Programs in Towson: Learning and Healing

Psychoeducational Programs in Lutherville

Psychoeducation is the process of providing relevant information to individuals dealing with certain conditions, as well as their loved ones. Substance abuse addiction is one particular condition that is greatly misunderstood by the general population. Many individuals, including those suffering from addiction themselves, believe certain misconceptions, such as that addiction is a choice, or that it only happens to weak people. For that reason, psychoeducational programs are especially beneficial to individuals dealing with addiction. If you’re interested in learning more about psychoeducational programs in Towson, The Bergand Group is your source for answers.

How Do Psychoeducational Programs Work?

When a person is diagnosed with a mental health condition, they often know very little about it. Additionally, any attempts to learn about their condition, treatments, and medication online can be futile. The information can be scientifically-dense and challenging to understand. Or, the Internet can just be full of worst-case, fear-mongering scenarios. That is where psychoeducational programs come in. These programs provide a safe space where a medical professional can explain a condition in full detail and answer any questions.

Psychoeducational programs are offered both in an individual or group setting. Additionally, some psychoeducational programs are offered online. The participants for these programs can be the individual with the condition themselves or family members and loved ones who also want to learn more.

For addiction treatment, a psychoeducation program can teach:

  • What to expect in future years
  • Coping strategies
  • How to recognize warning signs of relapses or medication mismanagement
  • Optional treatment programs

It can also just be a space where emotional frustrations can be let out and shared.

Benefits of Psychoeducational Programs

Psychoeducational programs are meant to help people better understand certain conditions, as well as learn how to live with them. This is applicable for both the person with the mental health illness and the loved ones in their lives. Through learning about the conditions, individuals can feel:

  • Self-control
  • Acceptance
  • Understanding

Additionally, individuals who truly take the time to understand their condition will feel less shame and engage in less self-blame. And family members will understand and accept the situation in a way that will reduce the likelihood of them blaming or resenting their loved ones.

Psychoeducational Programs in Towson

If you or your loved one is interested in learning more about these programs, the Bergand Group offers psychoeducational programs in Towson. Our rehabilitation facility provides a holistic approach to substance abuse recovery and believes that understanding addiction is the first step towards recovery. Contact us today to find out if we can help you.

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