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Psychoeducational Programs in Baltimore: Knowledge is Power

Psychoeducational Programs in Baltimore

Psychoeducation is a form of therapy that can help those diagnosed with a mental health condition, as well as people struggling with traumatic experiences or addiction. Additionally, psychoeducation can be extremely beneficial to supportive family members of people with an addiction or a mental health problem.  Learn about psychoeducational programs in Baltimore with the Bergand Group. 

What is Psychoeducation?

Psychoeducational programs provide individuals diagnosed with a condition (trauma, addiction, mental health conditions) with information and an education on their situation. This education helps people to better understand their condition, coping mechanisms, progression stages, and more. When family members take a psychoeducational program, they get a better understanding of what their loved one is going through and learn how they can help.

Psychoeducation is not a form of treatment for the condition, but is rather a type of therapy that helps the individual cope and live with an understanding of their condition. It’s typically a supplement to regular treatment programs and medication.

What to Expect in a Psychoeducational Program

Psychoeducational programs are offered both in individual therapy and group therapy formats. Typically these programs have four main objectives:

  1. To provide an education
  2. To provide support during the patient going through medication and treatment
  3. Offering support and training for the patient to practice self-care and self-help
  4. To provide a safe, non-judgmental place for patients to vent their frustrations about the experience

These are all helpful tools for individuals struggling with a mental health condition (trauma, addiction, etc.) or for their loved ones.

Psychoeducational Program for Addiction Treatment

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about addiction. Many addicted people and their loved ones don’t understand that addiction is a cognitive disease. Psychoeducational programs for addiction treatment can be extremely beneficial in the relapse and recovery process. These programs look to teach individuals:

  • What factors may have contributed to their addiction
  • Their specific triggers
  • How to spot the warning signs of a relapse
  • How to deal with a relapse
  • How to live a sober lifestyle
  • How to cope with addiction
  • Help reduce the stigma around addiction by educating participants on the condition

Psychoeducational Programs in Baltimore at The Bergand Group

If you’re interested in participating in psychoeducational programs in Baltimore, the Bergand Group is the area’s top facility. The Bergand Group staff of doctors and medical professionals looking to help individuals get the tools they need to recover and live a healthy life. Our facility offers therapies in the individual, group, and family settings, so everyone’s needs can be met. To find out more, book a consultation today by filling out this online form.

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