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Psychoeducational Programs in Baltimore City

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Facing addiction is a scary prospect for both the person who is diagnosed, and for the family members who are worried about the health of their loved one. Traditionally treatment has been focused on treating the addiction, but modern treatment is now focused on treating the addiction and the comorbid factors that may be playing a role in addictive behaviors. One particular addition to modern treatment is the integration of psychoeducational programs in Baltimore City, which has been shown to reduce relapse rates and help support their recovery process.

What is Psychoeducation and What Should You Expect at Psychoeducational Programs in Baltimore City

Psychoeducation is the process of explaining how a mental condition may be impacting the function of someone suffering from mental illness or substance abuse. It can take many forms, but at the end of the day, the objective is to educate patients and their families about the disease so that they have proper expectations of recovery and can provide adequate support. Some psychoeducational programs in Baltimore City may utilize psychoedcation to teach the patient about how to approach their daily functional abilities while other programs may offer support to family members who don’t know what to expect. Psychoeducation can take the format of in-person sessions with mental health professionals while other forms may include online or electronic materials such as DVDs or podcasts.

How Can Psychoeducational Programs Help Prevent Relapse and Support Recovery?

Defining the roles and expectations of family members and the patient throughout the process of substance abuse treatment and recovery can help create realistic expectations that are easier for the person fighting addiction to obtain. It can also lay the groundwork for outpatient support groups that help those with mental health and substance abuse find companions that can share coping strategies and general information with each other.

Where to Find Psychoeducational Programs in Baltimore City

If you are looking for psychoeducational programs in Baltimore City to help you better understand substance abuse for yourself or a loved one, the Bergand Group can help. Contact us today for more information about the psychoeducational programs we offer to help support those fighting substance abuse and their family members.

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