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Learn About Psychoeducational Programs in Towson

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More and more Americans are struggling with mental illness, substance abuse, or both, and don’t know where to turn. For patients in the Towson, Maryland, The Bergand Group provides psychoeducational program support to improve the lives of clients. The professionals at The Bergand Group educate patients on programs and treatments available, how psychoeducational programs in Towson help with recovery, and how they help to prevent relapse.

What do These Programs Entail?

A psychoeducation program is designed to provide education to individuals suffering from substance abuse or mental illness or dual diagnosis. It is combined with group and individual therapy to promote greater chances of recovery and reduce the risk of relapse. Classes and workshops are designed to reinforce the skills and tools learned in therapy.

What Can the Client Expect From Psychoeducational Programs in Towson?

A psychoeducation program can start with an assessment to see where each client is at in the recovery process (initially seeking treatment, have been in treatment for quite some time, currently relapsing, etc.). From the assessment, an education and treatment plan is developed for the client to improve recovery and reduce risk of relapse in the future. Individuals will learn the basics of their mental illness or substance abuse issue, as well as about common behaviors among individuals with a similar diagnosis. The classes and workshops in the psychoeducational program are designed to strengthen the benefits of group or individual therapy.

How Does a Psychoeducational Program Prevent Relapse?

When clients attend psychoeducational programs on a regular basis, those programs reinforce the skills, tools and coping techniques that were learned in the group and individual therapy sessions. They reinforce any lessons learned during the recovery process and help identify triggers that could lead to relapse. The workshops and classes also provide a sense of community where individuals with similar struggles can network and discuss coping mechanisms in a safe environment. Participants can share their frustrations, doubts, fears and concerns and get support from each other.

Where to Find Psychoeducational Programs in Towson

If you are in the Towson, Maryland area, the professionals at The Bergand Group can help you on the road to recovery. Contact The Bergand Group, for more information or to start today.

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