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How Can Psychoeducational Programs in Towson Help You?

Psychoeducational Programs in Lutherville

Psychoeducation involves educating people who are searching for mental health services and their family members about the illness, it’s progression, consequences, and treatment. It was created out of compassion for all the family members of people who are receiving mental health care since they have little support and information. If you or someone you know is dealing with mental illness and want support, The Bergand Group offers psychoeducational programs in Towson.

Prevent Relapse and Encourage Recovery

Psychoeducational programs help the person and family members become accustomed to living with this mental health issue. With the proper knowledge of the kind of struggles you are dealing with, and internal and external resources, it’s likely you’ll know how to better handle the difficulties and have a better time working towards your well-being. In fact, studies have shown psychoeducation reduces rehospitalization rates. Psychoeducation is offered in group and individual formats and has four main goals which are information, medication treatment, support in self-care, and a safe place to express emotional frustrations. This may look like a psychiatrist explaining how medication will help the mental health condition, self-help groups where the participants share their concerns and strategies with one another, and a psychiatrist providing support for family members of those who are dealing with mental health conditions. This leads to acceptance, compliance, and the understanding that the mental health issue is treatable and not shameful. The Bergand Group has psychoeducational programs that are conducted by educators with extensive experience who have been long-term faculty members of medical centers.

Looking for Psychoeducational Programs Towson?

The Bergand Group provides effective and individualized treatment for mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, and related disorders. Our goal is to create a comfortable environment that provides respect for the dignity and individuality of our patients. We are here to help each person improve their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Aside from psychoeducational programs we also offer intensive outpatient programs, medication management, psychotherapy, and DUI and DWI educational aftercare programs. For more information about our services or to get in touch with us today, click here.

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