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Discover Psychoeducational Programs in Towson

Psychoeducational Programs in Towson

The Bergand Group provides passionate care using psychoeducational programs in Towson to help those struggling with addiction. But, if you aren’t familiar with the word “psychoeducational,” you may want more information about what these programs are, and who they can help.

What Are Psychoeducation Programs?

Psychoeducation is a systematic, structured intervention program that helps educate a patient and their family on the patient’s illness and the efficacy and adherence to treatment. It integrates motivational and emotional aspects to encourage patients to manage their illness and improve with treatment.

What Can a Patient Expect from Psychoeducational Programs in Towson?

There is evidence that shows psychoeducation improves mental illness and other medical illness outcomes. Psychoeducation, including family interventions, is the most effective, consistent treatment modality available in Towson, with a lower relapse rate than those who go without. Besides less frequent relapses, it also leads to better treatment adherence, improved social competencies, lower self-stigma, active rehabilitation engagement, lower cost of care, and better quality of life.

How Psychoeducational Programs Help You to Reach Recovery and Prevent Relapse

Addiction recovery relies heavily on knowledge. Recovery is a process that requires learning, understanding, and implementing what is learned. The more a patient learns about his or her addiction, the easier it is to take control over it. Psychoeducation gives those in recovery an opportunity to learn all about their illness through open learning discussions and initiatives. Psychoeducation also focuses on relapse prevention, including:

  • Coping skills that help patients identify and cope with or avoid highly stressful situations
  • Information that helps patients avoid another relapse if they already had one or more
  • The encouragement that helps patients understand their capabilities to change their behavior

Implementing psychoeducation also helps patients identify positive, sobering activities they are eager to take part in and set goals for themselves. Still, recovering from addition comes with some stress, cravings, and uncomforting feelings. That’s one of the reasons why psychoeducation is vital as it prepares a patient for the road ahead and empowers them to be strong and hold up to a strict routine until they will eventually feel better and live a sober life filled with endless opportunities.

Get Help With Addiction From Caring Professionals

If you are seeking psychoeducational programs in Towson, contact The Bergand Group. We have experts in the field who offer passionate, caring solutions to help you recover from addiction and stay healthy. Contact The Bergand Group today. 

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