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Outpatient Detox in Lutherville MD

Detox Programs in Baltimore

The treatment of substance abuse and addiction is serious business. For many patients, the cost and time commitment of traditional inpatient treatment is prohibitive, which prevents them from seeking the help that they need. Fortunately, there is an alternative option called outpatient detox. For outpatient detox in Lutherville MD, the Bergand Group is your local, professional solution.

The Outpatient Detox Program

Traditional treatment for substance abuse and addiction requires that the patient commits to an inpatient stay at a specialized drug and alcohol treatment facility. For many who are seeking treatment, this disruption to the regular activities of life is excessive. Many patients can pursue recovery with a lesser intensive type of treatment, such as the outpatient detox program. In this highly focused, intensive program, the patient is allowed to remain and operate in their normal living environment, while attending regular meetings with a team of detox professionals who monitor and administer their treatments.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

Although the program isn’t for everyone, those who qualify will find numerous benefits to choosing this treatment option:

  • Remain with Family. The patient is able to stay with their normal family in their homes, allowing the members of the family to provide encouragement and support locally and consistently.
  • Furthering Education. For students involved in continuing studies, this program allows them to remain in their schooling and advance normally while committing to the outpatient program.
  • Continuing Careers. The patient can continue to work and provide for their families while receiving the highest quality treatment for their addiction.
  • Less Expensive. Outpatient treatment costs much less than inpatient programs, which must include 24-hour medical staffing and all housing, food, and other care. By allowing the patient to remain at home and in their normal lifestyle, the only expense is for the doctors and the treatment prescribed during the meetings. This slashes the cost while maintaining powerful, effective results.

Outpatient Detox in Lutherville MD

If you or a loved one is in need of outpatient detox in Lutherville MD, check out the Bergand Group. Our team of compassionate professionals can evaluate your situation and steer you into the best program to meet your needs. Contact us today and begin the steps to successfully recover your life and pursue your dreams.

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