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Outpatient Detox in Baltimore City for Recovery that Works for You

Outpatient Detox in Baltimore City - The Bergand Group

Many people in Maryland who struggle with alcohol or drugs seek outpatient detox in Baltimore City. The advantages include daily treatment that enables people to keep working and living at home. More-intensive outpatient programs also exist, giving patients higher-level options to combat addiction.

Choose Between Non-Residential and Intensive Outpatient Detox

Whichever type of outpatient detox someone picks, the benefits include:

  • Maintaining contact with supportive friends and loved ones
  • Having access to family therapy, group therapy, and other social support programs
  • Doing the bulk of recovery at home and in real-world situations
  • Being able to keep up their daily work and personal activities

Non-residential detox is a baseline level of detox. Patients either go to their doctor or a standalone facility to recieve treatment and management for withdrawal symptoms. Typically, treatment takes the form of an appointment every day, and patients should be able to continue working as usual.

Intensive outpatient detox is, as the name implies, more rigorous than the baseline. It is especially helpful for people who need medical personnel to monitor them daily as they change their use of substances.

Intensive detox typically includes three-hour daily sessions, and, sometimes, medication. Many facilities offer choices for day, evening, and weekend sessions, meaning that patients may be able to continue working as usual (or mostly as usual). As this type of treatment progresses, it can enter a new phase that is less intensive.

One Outpatient Type Is Not Necessarily Better Than the Other

Intensive detox is not always superior to the baseline model. What is better for one person might not be for another. For instance, intensive could greatly benefit someone who has used heavily for years and who is likely to need several hours of daily, medical monitoring. Meanwhile, a more sporadic user might do better getting regular non-residential detox.

Decide Which Type Works Better for You: Ask About Outpatient Detox in Baltimore City

Contact The Bergand Group today to explore the options for outpatient detox in Baltimore City. Our recovery programs include outpatient detox with symptom withdrawal management as well as intensive outpatient detox. We offer counseling, family therapy, group therapy, aftercare programs, and more in a supportive and safe environment.

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