The first step in alcohol and drug addiction treatment is detoxification. Many people have the misconception that to seek addiction treatment, they must check into inpatient detox in a rehab facility. This can be a barrier to getting treatment as many individuals need to continue working and can’t afford to take a 30-day pause on their life responsibilities. Luckily, there are outpatient detox programs for this very reason. For anyone looking for outpatient detox in Baltimore City, the Bergand Group is a top rehabilitation facility.

What is Detox?

Detoxification is the process of removing any substance (drugs or alcohol) from the body. The majority of individuals will experience withdrawal symptoms while they detox, which can range from being uncomfortable to being painful and life-threatening. Medication can be prescribed to help ease some of the symptoms of withdrawal.

A patient needs to complete detox successfully to move onto the next stage of addiction treatment.

What is Outpatient Detox?

Outpatient detox, sometimes referred to as non-residential detox, allows individuals to live at home while receiving treatment for their addiction. Patients still check in with medical staff and may receive medical management to help them get through this process.

What are the Advantages of Outpatient Detox

Outpatient detox is one of the most affordable and successful ways to receive addiction treatment. It can be just as safe and effective as inpatient treatment but at a fraction of the cost and time. It also allows the individual to continue going to work or school as they seek treatment. However, it’s essential to know the difference between outpatient detox and unsupervised attempts to detox on your own. Outpatient detox programs still monitor the patient, so professional medical staff can intervene if any health concerns come up. The risk of attempting detox in your home without medical help is never recommended.

Another benefit of outpatient detox is that individuals can rely on their support system during this difficult time. A lot of people find it comforting to be able to go home to their friends and families while they receive treatment.

Generally speaking, outpatient detox programs are ideal for individuals struggling with mild-to-moderate drug and alcohol addiction. This means the patient hasn’t been using it for a long time, or they use “mild” drugs. If a person has a severe addiction (determined by the length of time they’ve been addicted, the strength of the drugs, or the amount of usage), an inpatient drug program may be the only option. That is because patients with severe addictions will be more likely to experience intense withdrawal symptoms, and 24/7 medical care will be necessary.

Outpatient Detox in Baltimore City with The Bergand Group

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