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The Bergand Group – October 2014 News

Dear Friends and Family of The Bergand Group,

Group-Therapy - The Bergand GroupAt the Bergand Group, our passion is our devotion to the well being of our patients and their families. Some come to us in time of need; others come to us for guidance; but everyone who steps through our doors becomes our priority. Our mission is to provide compassionate, effective, and individualized treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, mental health, and related disorders. Every step we take in our offices and our community is designed to create a setting that is conducive to personal comfort and ensure that we operate in a manner that provides respect for the individuality and dignity of our patients and families. Above all, our goal is to help each patient and family member attain improvement in physical, mental, and emotional well-being through our tried and true evidenced based practices.

In keeping with this philosophy, we are introducing a newsletter to keep our most valued patients and partners informed of our efforts to provide the highest level of treatment to our community. We will be spotlighting our services and highlighting information about the specialty services our highly-credentialed professionals provide. Our doctors will be communicating their philosophies and keeping our community up to date on the most effective practices in treating alcohol and drug addiction, mental health, family health, and overall personal well-being. We look forward to staying in contact with each person who walks through our doors. We hope that in staying connected, we can continue to serve our patients and ensure that our community knows that our doors are open to anyone who may need guidance during their time of need.

In this, the inaugural issue of the Bergand Group Newsletter, we highlight all of the services we provide. Many of our patients have accessed our primary treatment courses and programs, but may not be aware of all of the complimentary services we provide. We approach the treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders from a holistic point of view. In doing so, we provide many ancillary services to treat the entire person. If you or a family member wishes to access any of the services below, or know someone who may need our help, please contact us at any time to schedule an appointment. We are excited to stay in contact with you and look forward to your continued growth and success!

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Evening Program:

  • Monday through Thursday from 5:30 to
    8:30 PM

Daytime Program:

  • Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9:00 AM
    – 12:00 PM
  • Friday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

I Group (Outpatient Treatment)

  • Tuesday 5:30 to 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday 6:00 to 7:30 PM

II Group (Outpatient Treatment)

Professionals Group
  • Monday 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday and Thursday 6:00 PM to 7:30
Relapse Prevention
  • Wednesday 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
and Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatry with Dr. Paul Giannandrea
  • Marriage and Family Therapy, Behavioral
    Addictions with Dr. Jerry Hunt

servicesDWIState Certified DUI and DWI Educational

  • Tuesday Evening 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Saturday Morning 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Aftercare Groups Monday Evening 6:30
    PM to 7:30 PM

Court Liaison Services, Family Therapy

  • Dr. Paul Giannandrea
  • Dr. John Steinberg
  • Dr. Jerry Hunt

Individual Therapy

  • Dr. Paul Giannandrea
  • Dr. John Steinberg
  • Dr. Jerry Hunt

family-therapy-addiction-treatmentExperienced Masters Level Counselors and
LCSW-CsMedication Management

  • Dr. Paul Giannandrea
  • Dr. John Steinberg

Relapse Prevention

  • Evenings Wednesday 5:00 to 6:30 pm
  • Eight week, rolling admission,
    preceded by an assessment and introduction
    to the content & process of the group.

We can help you
find your way.
our offices and start today.

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