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The Bergand Group – November 2014 News

Dear Friends and Family of The Bergand Group,


As we mark the halfway point of our third year, it seems timely to reflect on how The Bergand Group was conceived and on how close we have come to our ideals. In 2011, Dr. Paul Giannandrea, a Board Certified Psychiatrist – also Board Certified in Addiction Medicine – and I began discussing the idea of creating a patient centered practice with highly individualized care, provided by highly credentialed clinicians. On May 1, 2012, we began seeing our first patients at The Bergand Group. Of course, Dr. Giannandrea and I had thirty years experience in Addiction Medicine before forming our present collaboration. Soon, we were joined by Dr. Jerry Hunt – also with more than thirty years experience, other clinicians, and, most recently, by our Community Development Director, David Stup. You will meet some of our outstanding affiliates in future newsletters.

Trained in Internal Medicine, my interest in helping addicts dates to my own illness and recovery. Clean and sober since 1986, I have a perspective on substance abuse disorders from both a professional and a personal perspective. After many years practicing in primary care, persuaded by the enthusiasm of my partners, I began to work primarily with patients in need of substance abuse disorder treatment. Every patient in our Intensive Outpatient Program gets personal attention from one of our physicians.

All our clinical affiliates and staff feel this way. When you come to The Bergand Group, you will see a very low key bunch of highly trained  clinicians who quite obviously enjoy their work. Patients have suffered all too much already. By the time they decide to ask for help, we want  to provide a warm and comforting place to get that help.
Whatever clinical help is needed, The Bergand Group has the professionals to address the needs our patients have. We provide medical therapy, including blocking agents such as Vivitrol or Antabuse, replacement therapy with buprenorphine, medical detox, various types of counseling, group therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy. I personally run a recovering health professionals group on Monday nights. It has been my privilege to help so many people begin their recovery and to watch them grow.

We are closely focused on working with self-help groups such as AA and NA and encourage attendance. Recently, I enjoyed being invited to a patient’s one-year anniversary. In essence, we subscribe wholeheartedly to the motto found on page 132 of the AA Big Book: “We absolutely insist on enjoying life.” We do indeed. If you or someone you know is suffering from a problem with drugs or alcohol, please, send them to us. It’s never too late to stop suffering from addiction and begin, once again, to enjoy life.


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