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What is Medication Management in Baltimore City?

Medication Management in Baltimore City

Drugs can alter the brain’s structure and chemistry — Opioids, for example, can block pain sensations and release dopamine which causes a person to feel pleasure. When someone becomes dependent on opioids, the brain will eventually stop producing neurotransmitters. This often results in extreme cravings and serious withdrawal symptoms. Some of the symptoms can be life-threatening, making it dangerous to stop taking the drug “cold turkey”. Medication management in Baltimore City can help alleviate and minimize withdrawal symptoms. It’s used to help safely remove the drugs out of the brain and body.

What is Medical Detox Program?

Medical detox is the first step toward permanent drug addiction recovery. It’s intended to remove toxic substances from the patient’s body and prevent relapse. The relapse rate for drug abuse is up to 60 percent, but a medical management program can help minimize this. Only an experienced professional must administer medical detox as some of the medications may carry a risk of abuse and dependence. Other medications used in the program may also help with specific side effects and manage co-occurring mental or medical health disorders.

Benefits of Medication Management in Baltimore City

A patient will need a medical detox when he’s dependent on drugs or when other health issues are present. A trained professional will take a thorough assessment to help determine if the person needs to undergo medical detox. Other things to consider include substance abuse patterns and how long the person has been using the substance.

The goal of the mediation program is to improve the patient’s quality of life and help him permanently recover from his drug addiction. With the help of certified professionals and a supportive family, it’s definitely possible to lead a productive and fulfilling life drug-free. Medical management can improve treatment outcomes, especially when combined with counseling and other therapies. It’s been known to be highly beneficial to a patient’s long-term recovery.

Help from The Bergand Group

Are you or a loved one suffering from drug or alcohol addiction? You may need medication management in Baltimore City. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime. We are The Bergand Group, a team of compassionate and experienced professionals committed to helping all patients recover from drug addiction. Talk to The Bergand Group today for an assessment.

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