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Understanding Medication Management in Lutherville MD

Medication Management Lutherville

Looking for medication management in Lutherville? If you are, it’s likely that you’re having trouble getting the right medication to help you recover from addiction. Or maybe you’re experiencing issues with the dosage or frequency. Whatever the reason, understanding the basics of medication management is the first step to recovery.

The Dangers of Quitting “Cold Turkey”

Quitting one or multiple drugs suddenly can have drastic effects to the recovering addict, both mentally and physically. Many symptoms resemble the flu, such as nausea or diarrhea, but others are more serious and can include seizures or even death. Getting off any substance cold turkey is too much of a shock to your system. It is never advisable to go this route.

What Is Medication Management?

Medication management involves the role of prescribed medications in their assistance with addiction treatment. Medication is often used as a supplement to ease the process while the patient goes through other forms of treatment, such as therapy, counselling, or rehab.

Facilities that use medication management include both inpatient and outpatient centers. Trained medical staff are usually the ones who prescribe and dispense medication to patients.

The three medications that are typically authorized to treat opium dependency, for example, are methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine.

How Medication Management in Lutherville Helps

There are a number of ways that medication management helps people safely wean themselves off of addictive substances. Some of them include:

  • Preventing relapses.
  • Managing co-occurring symptoms.
  • Getting off multiple substances.
  • Reducing injection-based drug risks.

Medication management teamed with therapy and treatment plans are proven highly-effective for developing recovery beyond the short term. An exhaustive evaluation is performed to decide how the patient will get the most out of medication management. Their physical and mental health are reviewed, along with past and current environmental factors that contribute to substance abuse.

Additionally, medication management programs help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as HIV or hepatitis. This is done through medications that wean users off of injection-based drug abuse. Besides minimizing or eliminating urges to use again, medication management helps with behavioral and emotional factors that could also contribute to addiction.

The Bergand Group

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