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Understanding Medication Management in Harford County MD

Medication Management in Harford County

Drug and alcohol abuse can be hard to overcome because of the very real physical side effects of withdrawal. In fact, most addicts relapse because of withdrawal symptoms the first few times they attempt to get sober. This is why proper medication management in Harford County is extremely important. In addition, many dangers are associated with the quick cessation of drug and alcohol use. Stroke, seizures, heart attacks, and even death can be a side effect of attempting to quit substance abuse “cold turkey,” but that doesn’t mean that you have remained using forever.

Proper Medication Management in Harford County Paves the Road to Recovery

Medication management helps addicts enter sobriety by providing the supports that the body needs to navigate toward mental and physical sobriety safely. The purpose of medical management is to monitor the withdrawal of a user from the substance they are addicted to while also helping to curb the withdrawal side effects. While this only addresses the short-term cravings for a substance, it makes sobriety a possibility. It helps to reduce the short-term relapse rate that many addicts from reaching sobriety and is one of the best approaches for addicts who are ready to be clean.

How Does Medication Management Help People Wean off Drugs/Alcohol?

Medication management in Harford County can be utilized in both in-patient and out-patient situations. It is usually recommended for addicts with a long history of substance abuse, addicts who abuse multiple substances, those with comorbid mental and physical health issues, and for those who are opioid or alcohol dependent with high-risk of relapse. Medication management involves oversight by medical professionals who titrate medications that help suppress withdrawal symptoms as an addict slowly weans themselves off a substance under the guidance of a substance abuse professional.

Seek Help Withdrawing from Drugs or Alcohol With Help from The Bergand Group

If you need help withdrawing from drugs or alcohol, then it may be time to look for medication management in Harford County. The Bergand Group helps addicts withdraw safely from their medications via the use of medication management. Give us a call today to discuss your options for safe recovery in Harford County.

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