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Recovering with Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore

Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore

If you are looking for addiction psychiatry in Baltimore, contact the Bergan Group. Get help to recover from substance abuse and other disorders recognized by our trained professionals.

Help to Recover From Addiction

Addiction is a chronic treatable medical disease, involving genetics, complex brain circuits interactions, the environment, and life experiences. People with addiction typically use substances and may engage in erratic behaviors that become compulsive, often with harmful consequences. Treatment and prevention efforts for addiction are extremely effective in helping people recover from addictions.

What Is Addiction Psychiatry?

Addiction Psychiatry is a fairly new subspecialty area within psychiatry that generally focuses on evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for those suffering from disorders related to addiction. These disorders may involve drugs, food, sex, gambling, and other impulsive control disorders. In October 1991, a committee was established by the “American Board of Medical Specialties,” (ABMS), the “American Psychiatric Association,” and the “American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology,” specifically to add Addiction Psychiatry” qualifications to certification requirements. This helped identify the most experienced and educated psychiatrists. However, it wasn’t until 1993 that “Addiction Psychiatry” was actually granted sub-specialization status.

Benefits of Addiction Psychiatry in Baltimore

Addiction psychiatry is extremely beneficial to those who wish to recover from addiction. Other benefits include:

Work With an Addiction Psychiatry Specialist

Because each person reacts differently to substances, it is important you work with someone who specializes in addiction psychiatry and understands how your brain reacts to substances. such as addiction psychiatrists will also look for and treat other underlying disorders and can recommend programs outside the office. 

Get A Personalized Treatment Plan

Psychiatrists who specialize in addiction, develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs that may include prescribed medication.

Variety of Methods

This specialized psychiatry uses various methods like psychotherapy or talk therapy since, sometimes, it helps to talk to a trained specialist about your problems.

Get Started on the Path to Recovery

The Bergand Group addiction psychiatry in Baltimore has been treating patients with addictive disorders and mental health issues for over 25 years. Our professional group offers comprehensive mental health care at varying intensity levels in outpatient services for both individuals and groups. We also provide pharmacologic therapy, drug prescribing, and monitoring for both maintenance and detox in a comforting environment. Our main goal is to help those with discomforting disorders to recover, heal, and grow.

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