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Medication Management in Baltimore City Can Aid the Transition

Medication Management in Baltimore City

Individuals dependent on alcohol or prohibited substances could experience severe withdrawal symptoms with sudden cessation of such dependence. The person’s nervous system and brain are accustomed to these high-dependency substances.  Abrupt quitting, or “quitting cold-turkey,” can confuse the nervous system and neurotransmitters. Drug and alcohol addictions are compulsive disorders that require careful management. Patients can manage withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse with effective medication management in Baltimore City.

Medication Management, Explained

Medication management programs are designed to help individuals battling drug and alcohol addictions. Doctors, medical practitioners, psychologists, or other experts specializing in medication management in Baltimore City use medications to minimize and eventually alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Medicines like Vivitrol, Buprenorphine, Naloxone, and Disulfiram help reduce cravings. Additionally, the medications work by blocking the breakdown of alcohol or drugs in the person’s body.

The use of medications can make people feel more comfortable during the early stages of drug and alcohol detoxification treatment. Medication management is usually carried out alongside behavioral therapy programs.

Why Choose Medication Management in Baltimore City

Alcohol and substance abuse disorders are chronic conditions with strong possibilities for relapses. The risk for relapse is high because prolonged alcohol and drug use cause neurobiological changes in brain pathways.

Medication management can help facilitate detoxifications and more extended periods of abstinence—experts who offer medication management treatment use full-antagonist medicines and partial-antagonist medicines for addiction management treatment.

The use of medication for drug and alcohol addiction treatments offer the following benefits:

  • Prevents the occurrence of seizures, blood pressure variations, and heart rate variations
  • Helps manage anxiety, depression, and stress associated with withdrawal
  • Aids the detoxification process
  • Blocks rewarding and “pleasurable” aspects of drug and alcohol consumption
  • Facilitates physical and medical stabilization
  • Eases the transition from addiction stage to abstinence stage

Medicines like Vivitrol and Suboxone manipulate the individual’s opioid receptors to minimize cravings.

Experts who supervise drug and alcohol recovery treatments will assess the patient’s condition and prescribe necessary medications and individual or group therapy programs.

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