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Medication Management Baltimore City: Allow us to Help

Medication Management Baltimore City

Breaking the chains of addiction can be a difficult task, but empowered by the right techniques and under professional assistance, it can be done. One of the most effective of these techniques is called medication management. Medication management Baltimore city can be found if you reach out to the Bergand Group.

What is Medication Management?

When an addict is placed under medication management, a detox professional evaluates their condition and prescribes alternate drugs that can appease the physical cravings and reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. There are a number of drug options for different addictions, and the evaluation process determines which one would work best to deliver the addict from their specific addiction.

No Cold Stop

Many times people attempt to stop all substance abuse cold turkey, but the truth is that method rarely works. When an addict has a physical dependency, their body can experience severe withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be dangerous or even life-threatening. The sudden change can trigger an unpredictable reaction that becomes unmanageable. A much gentler approach is required.

Safe and Effective

The medication management program offers the opportunity to exit the addiction gradually. The alternate prescription is reduced over time, allowing the body to adjust to the chemical changes slowly, keeping the process safe and stable. The detox professional monitors the progress continually and can make adjustments if necessary to maintain a steady exit from the dependency.

Medication Management Baltimore City

If you are struggling with addiction or know someone who is, medication management may be the answer to your problems. A detox professional can meet with you and evaluate your situation. Along with therapy and other treatment supports, a plan for recovery can be set in place and your journey to wellness can begin. The Bergand Group is your local, professional team in the Baltimore and Harford County areas.

Make the Call

Substance addiction can present itself as an immovable object, but with professional help, it can be overcome. The Bergand Group is a team of experienced, compassionate therapists dedicated to those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. They will evaluate your condition and recommend solutions that can set you free. Don’t waste another day struggling with addiction. Make the call and see what medication management Baltimore City can do for you.

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