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Learning About Medication Management in Baltimore

Medication Management in Baltimore City

All addictions are hard to treat, but alcohol and opioid abuse can be even more troubling since the relapse rate is high, and withdrawal symptoms can be deadly in some instances. Relapse rates among substance abusers are estimated to be between 40% and 60% which is where medication management Baltimore approaches can help. Proper medication management can help reduce harmful withdrawal side effects and help prevent cravings that lead to relapse.

Dangers of Detoxing “Cold Turkey”

All drugs are associated with withdrawal symptoms and cravings, but some drugs have harmful side effects associated with the detox period. Opioid users and alcoholics should not attempt to quit cold turkey because serious medical conditions could arise during this period, such as strokes, heart attacks, and occasionally death. These side effects can be avoided by detoxing under there supervision of a medical professional as part of a medication management Baltimore program.

What is a Medication Management Baltimore Approach?

Medication management involves using approved drugs to help minimize withdrawal symptoms and lower the risks associated with stopping drug use. The body and the brain need to re-learn how to function without the substance, which takes time. Medication management Baltimore is generally used to treat patients with opioid addiction and/or alcohol addiction. Medication management works best when utilized alongside other therapeutic methods such as counseling, therapy, and support networks.

How Can Medication Management Help in Detox?

Several medications are approved by the FDA to help with withdraw from drugs to reach sobriety and then work on their recovery process. Some of the drugs allow an addict to immediately stop using drugs without facing the painful withdrawal process, while other drugs allow them to stop using slowly. There are also several medications that bind to receptors in the brain so that drugs or alcohol cannot produce euphoric responses, thereby reducing relapse rates. All medication management programs should be carefully overseen by a trained substance abuse professional with medical training to ensure they are safely administered.

If you or a loved one needs help entering recovery, contact The Bergand Group to learn more about medication management Baltimore programs.

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