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Learn About Medication Management in Harford County

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If you or a loved one has been staring down addiction for a significant period of time, you may not have an option to quit “cold turkey.” In fact, some substances can be dangerous to quit after only a few uses because of the way they physically affect the body. Withdrawal symptoms are very powerful which is why addiction can be hard to treat, but physical withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be deadly which is why medication management Harford County is the right choice for some people who want to recover and regain their sobriety in a safe manner.

Dangers of Quitting Alcohol & Drugs “Cold Turkey”

Despite the stigma around drug and alcohol use, quitting cold turkey is not an option for most addicts. Over time these substances slowly alter the way the brain works by interfering with brain function and eventually changing the actual chemical balance within the brain. These changes are one reason why addicts become so dependent on the substance they abuse, but it is also the reason why cold turkey can be extremely dangerous. Alcohol, opioids, and benzos can all cause extreme withdrawal symptoms that can lead to seizures, heart attacks, and even death if they are quit “cold turkey.”

How Can Medication Management Harford County Help Addicts Stop Using?

Medication management Harford County however offers a solution, slow withdrawal from a substance that is medically managed via the use of medications that help minimize common withdrawal symptoms. Also referred to as medical detox, medication management has two roles in the recovery process: to alleviate the danger that withdrawal can pose to the body and to allow a user to comfortably withdraw from a drug so they can successfully quit using. Severe withdrawal symptoms are the number one reason that addicts relapse, but medication management that is overseen by professionals and offered alongside therapy, counseling, and outpatient support helps guard against relapse.

Where to Find Medication Management in Harford County

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, medication management Harford County may be the tool that finally helps you find sobriety. The Bergand Group offers medication management as one of its many tools to fight addiction. Contact us today to learn more about medication management and drug abuse treatment programs.

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