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How Can Medication Management in Baltimore Help You Recover

medication management in Baltimore

Once a person understands that they have become dependent on alcohol or drugs, they might attempt to quit using ‘cold turkey.’ Although the use of these substances poses both mental and physical health risks, quitting cold turkey can also be dangerous for a person’s health. When someone addicted to alcohol or drugs stops using, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms might begin quite mildly. For instance, the individual might experience a slight headache. However, withdrawal can progress rapidly and lead to symptoms like tremors, nausea, and anxiety. Medication management in Baltimore can help with these problems. 

In some cases, withdrawal can trigger symptoms that can lead to health emergencies. These symptoms can involve fever, dehydration, and even seizures. It’s much safer to undergo detox at a rehab center. Medication management in Baltimore can reduce the symptoms of relapse so that people can detox more comfortably.

How Can Medication Management Help People in Recovery?

Medication management in Baltimore can help individuals in two ways. First, it can help during the detox phase of treatment. Rehab clinicians can provide medication that alleviates mental health symptoms like anxiety and depression, which often accompany addiction and withdrawal. They can also provide medication to alleviate unpleasant symptoms like nausea, insomnia, and muscle aches.

Some people can benefit from medication management in Baltimore after detox too. For instance, drugs like heroin and other opioids are highly addictive. Even after detox, the person might experience strong cravings to use for months. There are medications available that can reduce these cravings, allowing people to focus on their therapy and rebuild their lives.

Find Recovery in Baltimore

Medication can safely enhance the recovery process. The Bergand Group specializes in addiction medication management in Baltimore at our rehab facility. It’s never wise to quit using cold turkey because of the health risks. By undergoing detox at our rehab, you can safely detox under the professional care of our clinicians and support team. We can provide you with medications that alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that may lead to health emergencies. If any complications should arise, we’re here to address them immediately, protecting clients’ health as they begin their recovery journey.

Contact The Bergand Group to learn more about our addiction treatment programs, including medical detox. We look forward to helping you end your reliance on drugs or alcohol.

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