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How Can Medication Management In Baltimore Help You Recover?

medication management in Baltimore

Searching for some of the best quality medication management Baltimore can offer? Thankfully, there’s a plethora of information available regarding this subject, maybe even more than you might expect. Medication management is significant to recovery since any substances can drastically change the chemical balance in their body, which is often distressing to the person trying to recover.

The Dangers of Going “Cold Turkey”

Suddenly dropping any chemical substance “cold turkey” is dangerous, mostly because of the way the nervous system has acclimated to the chemical makeup of certain medications. Specific life-changing results of immediately giving up substances include psychosis, heart issues, and seizures. Other non-fatal (but still unpleasant) symptoms include nausea, dizziness, headaches, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, and visions.

Medication Management and Its Relationship to Addiction

Medication, and by extension medication management, plays a critical part in treating and recovering from substance abuse. Generally, medication is just a piece of a larger program that includes therapy, counseling, and post-addiction support. By easing withdrawal symptoms and reducing the compulsion to abuse substances, medication management helps the recovering addict gradually stop using drugs and alcohol. This process not only makes recovery easier, but also prevents fatal and non-fatal symptoms of stopping abruptly.

Best and Safest Medication Management Baltimore Provides

Medication programs are vital to helping addicts with habitual and long-term dependency problems. Particularly, the program may prove helpful in cases where:

  • Detox and relapse prevention are proven necessary.
  • Outside medical and/or cerebral health problems are present.
  • The addict uses multiple medications or drugs.
  • Injection-based drug abuse is prevalent.
  • Outpatient detox and recovery are required.

When combined with counseling and other types of treatment, medication management proves itself as a important tool to combat dependence. Medication management, when combined with other treatments, demonstrates long-term recovery success in numerous cases. A comprehensive assessment is conducted by trained medical professionals to determine if medication management is necessary. In addition to dependency itself, the program may prove necessary for reducing symptoms of co-occurring diseases.

Contact The Bergand Group now to get more information about some of the best medication management Baltimore has to offer. Our team of professionals can get you in touch with trained addiction staff to determine if medication management is right for you.

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