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Finding Medication Management in Baltimore County

Medication Management in Harford County

It’s nearly impossible to tackle strong, deep-rooted addictions without the help of addiction-focused medical professionals who specialize in medication management in Baltimore County. Baltimore witnessed over 791 deaths on account of drug and alcohol abuse in the year 2017 alone. The NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health) reports that around 19.7 Million American adults dealt with an addiction problem in the year 2017. With professional help, those who are suffering from an addiction in Maryland can reach recovery.

Why Isn’t Going Cold Turkey the Right Thing?

Substance abuse and alcohol abuse can severely impact a person’s physical and mental well-being. The damage caused by addictions can range from deteriorating neural functioning to severe liver and kidney dysfunctions or even death. A sudden attempt by an individual to cut off alcohol or substances or “cold turkey” can have various adverse consequences. An addict’s body and organs are conditioned to dealing with alcohol or drugs. Even a person’s central nervous system and neural receptors eventually adapt to the alcohol or other substances consumed regularly.

A quick withdrawal could send the system into shock and invoke problems like seizures, blood sugar, and blood pressure variations, and mental health issues. The issues that follow sudden alcohol withdrawal are collectively called Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome or AWS. To avoid them, you need proper medication management and professional guidance.

How Can Medication Management in Baltimore County Help?

Chemical dependencies generally have a more profound impact on a person’s body and brain than they may be aware of. This is why most addicts fall into a vicious cycle of quitting and relapsing. Medication management programs are specifically designed to assist people trying to control and eventually eradicate their addiction problems. The programs are organized by de-addiction specialists and reputed rehabilitation centers to help substance and alcohol dependents. It is helpful to recovery with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

The professionals use various techniques and medication to help people adapt to functioning without alcohol or substances like opioids. There are several benefits to choosing medication management in Baltimore County at The Bergand Group:

  • Uses medicine to detox the body
  • Aids recovery and minimizes the possibility of relapse
  • Help handle minor withdrawal symptoms from opioid withdrawal, alcohol withdrawal, or other chemical withdrawal symptoms.
  • Help the individual acclimate to a life that is not defined by alcohol abuse or substance abuse.

Contact the Bergand Group for Medication Management in Baltimore

The Bergand Group is dedicated to helping patients recover from mental health issues and addiction disorders. We offer many specialized programs for medication management in Baltimore County. They involve pharmacologic therapies, patient monitoring, relapse prevention techniques, and counseling to intensify the effectiveness of the recovery process. Contact The Bergand Group today by giving us a call, or visit our website.

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