An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a way for addicts to seek continuous care and prevent relapse. When coupled with continued counseling and addiction treatment, IOP has a great impact on an addicts ability to stay sober. Having a supportive community helps with recovery, and IOP provides just that. When enrolled in an IOP, addicts maintain contact with their support system – this includes addiction treatment physicians as well as supportive members of their sober community.

Varying in phases of treatment, IOP provides those in recovery with targeted treatment based on where they are on their path to sobriety. Whether an addict is struggling with addiction for the first time, or is continually seeking treatment, an IOP is there to give structure and support to assist with relapse prevention.

In order to prevent relapse, recovering addicts should focus on consistent treatment and maintaining daily structure. When becoming part of an IOP, those in recovery seek continuous support. According to the SAMHSA, there are four major dimensions that support a life in recovery:

Health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for those in recovery. This means staying active, eating right, practicing mindfulness and being consistent with addiction treatment services (these can include IOP, Individual Therapy, or Relapse Prevention).
Home Life. A healthy home life is important for every facet of the recovery process. Ensuring that those living with a recovering addict understand the importance of your sobriety is essential. A recovering addict should be living in a drug and alcohol-free environment.
Purpose. Many recovering addicts struggle with issues surrounding self-esteem and self-worth. Those in recovery should stay busy with positive, confidence building activities. This can include a regular work schedule, creative endeavors, maintaining healthy relationships, etc.
Community Support. When in recovery, a healthy support system is crucial. When enrolled in an IOP, recovering addicts become part of a community of like-minded individuals. Those in recovery should make sure to surround themselves with healthy, non-using individuals.

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