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Intensive Outpatient Programs in Baltimore County

Struggling with addiction, depression, or other mental health issues can be extremely hard, and at times feel defeating. Many people find that they cannot overcome their problems on their own, which is when an IOP in Hartford County can be a lifesaver. The decision to reach out for help from trained and licensed professionals is the best one that someone struggling with addiction or other mental health issues can make.

What is an IOP in Hartford County?

IOP stands for intensive outpatient program, and refers to any treatment program that is aimed at treating depression, drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, depression, and/or similar problems that do not require inpatient supervision. An IOP in Hartford County allows patients in treatment to live their normal life, but still receive intensive support and mental support from trained and licensed staff members on a regular basis. IOPs are often preferred by those who need to work or take care of family while still receiving intensive treatment.

How Do Inpatient and Outpatient Programs Differ?

An inpatient program requires the patient to live on the property and is often referred to as a residential treatment program whereas an IOP in Hartford County allows patients to remain in their home and retain their personal autonomy. Inpatient programs are often required when patients need medical aid with the detoxication process or require constant supervision in order to remain sober. Outpatient programs on the other hand allow residents to assimilate back into their life with strong support mechanisms in place to help reduce relapse rates.

Signs you or a Loved One Needs Substance Abuse Treatment

Most people casually use drugs before forming a substance abuse addiction that needs to be addressed by a treatment center. Common signs that you or a loved one need help include:

  • Intense cravings and inability to abstain from drug or alcohol use
  • Psychological dependence
  • Strong withdrawal symptoms
  • Drug urges blocking out any other thoughts or responsibilities
  • Needing to consume more drugs or alcohol to obtain the same results
  • Missing social or work obligations because of drug or alcohol use
  • Participating in risky behavior while using drugs or alcohol

Locate an IOP in Hartford County Today

If you recognize signs of substance abuse in yourself or a loved one it may be time to consider an IOP in Hartford County. The Bergand Group provides IOP treatment programs to help local Hartford County citizens maintain a sober lifestyle. Contact us today for more information.

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