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Recovering With Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs Baltimore

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs in Baltimore - The Bergand Group

Intensive outpatient treatment is a program that expects patients to visit the facility for counseling and medication a few times a week. The patients can carry on with their daily lives and do not need to stay at the facility.  Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs in Baltimore are better than the standard outpatient procedure as they require longer clinical sessions, and are less intensive than inpatient treatment because the in-clinic residence is not mandatory. IOP programs are middle-ground for patients who need intensive care without giving up the comfort of their homes.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

Patients or guardians should understand the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment before choosing the appropriate procedure. Here are the major factors of differentiation between the treatments:

Treatment Duration

Inpatient treatment lasts somewhere between a month and six months. Outpatient treatment can last for three months to over a year.

Access to Support

The inpatient has access to round-the-clock medical and emotional support. An outpatient can continue interacting with their existing social groups outside the facility.

Success Rate

An inpatient has a higher success rate due to the constant monitoring and supportive environment for recovery. Outpatient treatment is better suited for mild cases.

Daily Routine

An outpatient can follow their daily routine, as always, while an inpatient needs to go through intensive care in a facility and cannot work or attend school.


Inpatient treatment can be more expensive than outpatient treatment due to the intense procedures and residence at the facility.


Inpatients have to reside in the facility till their treatment period ends. An outpatient only has to visit the facility for a few hours a week.

When Should You Enroll in an IOP Program?

Only the patients with severe cases of alcohol addiction require inpatient care to enable 24/7 support. The IOP Program suits patients with mild to moderate cases who need part-time treatment without in-clinic residence.

If you or a loved one require assistance in overcoming alcohol addiction but can only attend weekly sessions, intensive outpatient treatment will help. You can conveniently balance your health and daily life. Patients coming out of inpatient treatments can also opt for an intensive outpatient treatment to avoid relapse.

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs in Baltimore

Improve your path to recovery with intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs in Baltimore from The Bergand Group. This network of healthcare specialists focuses on providing patients with personalized alcohol addiction treatments to lead better lives.

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