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Is it Time for an Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Program in Baltimore?

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Program in Baltimore

Alcohol addiction is a cognitive disorder that profoundly impacts the individual’s physical, mental, social, and emotional functioning. It causes changes to the person’s brain and neurochemistry.  Alcohol treatment programs can help patients achieve long-term results with minimal risk of relapse. Anyone dealing with an alcohol addiction problem can try an intensive outpatient alcohol treatment program in Baltimore for recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Program in Baltimore

A typical outpatient alcohol treatment program in Baltimore aims to help patients recover from alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders. These structured programs are usually monitored by medical professionals, psychologists, counselors, and other experts with formal training and specialized knowledge of recovery techniques.

The experts first conduct assessments to evaluate the patient’s condition. These treatments are usually a combination of psychotherapy and medication assistance. Medical experts use medication to help patients detox and adapt to a new alcohol-free routine. The steps include:

  • Initial evaluation and assessment
  • Addiction disorder diagnosis
  • Individualized care based on the patient’s condition
  • Individual and group counseling with medication assistance

Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Programs

Addiction disorders and other co-occurring disorders have varying levels of care available. Inpatient treatment programs are residential treatment programs designed for patients who are dealing with severe alcohol addiction disorders.

These patients usually need full-time monitoring and medical assistance for their safety and safety of those around them. However, outpatient treatment programs are day-time treatment programs for people who do not need full-time clinical assistance. Patients can attend these sessions daily.

Hence, these programs are beneficial for patients who have completed detox treatment and residential addiction treatment programs (if necessary).

Who Needs Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Intensive outpatient treatment programs work best for patients who want to improve the quality of their lives with supportive treatment. People participating in these programs are not at risk to themselves or others.

Contact Us for Professional Aid

If you need structured outpatient alcohol recovery treatment, explore the Bergand Group’s intensive outpatient alcohol treatment program in Baltimore. As a leading provider of alcohol and substance addiction recovery treatment, the group offers several therapy-based, educational, and medication-assisted treatment programs. To get in touch with the Bergand Group, click here or call 410-853-7691.

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